About Us

At Compassion Care CNA we strive to give you the best resources to ensure your success.
We are proud to say we have a brand new office/classroom and experienced instructors to help you to become a great Compassionate CNA.
We want you to reach your career goals. We offer you an affordable CNA course so you can challenge the State boards with confidence!
We teach the skills necessary for you to pass your state test THE FIRST TIME!!
Compassion Care CNA is composed of trained and experienced instructors with the education necessary in their field of expertise.
They are compassionate and dedicated in extending their knowledge to others. Not to mention our up-to-date equipment and a fun learning environment.
Compassion Care CNA is also equipped with training/skills material to train you the proper way.
We are very hands on and feel confident when you have completed the course you will be more than ready to PASS your state CNA test.
We offer CPR as well, right here in our classroom.
Let us help you to attain your goals and get you on the path toward your future.
If you have inquiries or questions about our CNA prep/refresher course, you can call us at (352) 606-3127 .
You may also send us a message through our Contact Us page.